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Developed by DMV area music professionals for area music professionals, our goals are dedicated to bringing together the organizations and individuals so that together we can develop the services, resources, networks, and tools needed for both our regional musicians as well as our regional industry professionals – from every genre, role in the industry, background, and area – to grow their careers in music here in the DMV – but with a unique approach.

  1. It takes a holistic look at the entire music ecosystem and any connected ecosystems that should be a part of the entire spectrum of support services.
  2. As an outside-in organization, our region’s musicians and industry professionals guide what services our network offers.
  3. With a team-based corporate philosophy, we all come together as equals, regardless of whether you have been working in the industry for decades or just a year, regardless of your role in the industry, and regardless of genre and background.
  4. Just like “It takes a village to raise a child”, so doesn’t it take an entire community to come together in order for our musicians and industry professionals to develop and flourish, and to be able to realize their hopes and dreams, thus everything we do is in conjunction with our community partners.
Our Team

Our Vision

A thriving regional music ecosystem

Our Mission

To use the power of community to develop a comprehensive network of services and resources that helps support every role in our regional music industry.

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Rethinking How We Support Our Music Ecosystem

Being successful in everything you do in your life starts with YOU. So our view of the music ecosystem starts with health and wellness resources. Stay tuned as we add community partners and resources to our network.


You know your needs better than anyone. So as an outside-in organization, we look to the music community to express their goals, needs, and challenges. Through our Needs Assessment Survey, co-sponsored by The Musicianship, our “Real Talk” events, and our Ambassador Program, we are able to hear firsthand from the people we are trying to help. 

Community Partnerships

It is only as a connected network of community partnerships that we – as a music community – can best support our area’s musicians and industry professionals. As part of our goal to reduce the disconnectedness within our music community, the Alliance is now starting to look at how we can help connect all of the organizations – and their initiatives – together. Let’s discuss how we can join forces. 

Shared Services

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive network of services to the music community that is made up of not just the Alliance’s services but also those of other area organizations and service providers. Some of these services will be offered as shared services in order to alleviate some of the time, energy, and costs associated with careers in the music business. Learn more about what we are developing here.

Online Resource Hub

Coming Fall 2023:  A community partnership online portal that will serve as our area’s central hub dedicated to promoting, connecting, and supporting our local musicians and industry professionals. This includes looking at all of the stages of the booking process and developing services to help ensure a successful event for both talent buyers and the artist.

Professional Growth

Through a combination of online and in-person networking opportunities, our new helpline, our Ambassadors’ outreach, as well as our mentorship and internship programs, can we best connect you with the people you need as you develop your career in music.

Financial Solutions

Between pooling costly resources, our Fund for Music Innovation, and network of other solutions, we hope to help ease the costs associated with your music career.

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Our Approach