What We Do

Our Mission

The DMV Music Alliance is committed to developing the networks and resources all musicians and music professionals need – from every aspect of our regional music ecosystem, all genres, all backgrounds, and all areas of the DMV region.


Our programs include bringing individual and organizations together, research, resource development including professional development and grants, networking, and promotional opportunities.


Everyone is welcome to join. Participation is either free or “pay what you wish.” The DMV Music Alliance is a nonprofit community organization. If you can, please donate to support these vital programs.

Our Goals and Objectives

Achieve strength in numbers by bringing together the diverse individuals and entities that make up our local scene and synchronizing our efforts across the metro area.

Identify the challenges facing musicians and music professionals across the metro area and develop strategies to address them through surveys, networking, and information exchange.

Administer grants and other financial assistance to musicians and music professionals in need through the Relief Fund and other forms of philanthropy.

Provide a wealth of resources and opportunities to help musicians and music professionals be successful in their careers, including a mentoring program, referral network, and access to events across the metro area and beyond.

Work with local government, organizations, and other entities to create conditions favorable to musicians and music professionals, building on our successes and sharing lessons learned across area jurisdictions.

Raise the profile of the DC area as a “music city” by developing programs that fill gaps within the local music scene. Equip musicians with the tools needed to better demonstrate their value to the community, local businesses, governments, and private donors.

Join Our Team!

There are many ways to join the cause. From area liaisons and genre representatives to marketing specialists, we’ve got a spot for you.